Insurance protection for your income

The following types of insurance help prospective or existing property owners cover the financial risks which arise when acquiring real estate.

Life insurance

Life insurance can simply represent savings, but it can also cover the risk of disability or death due to sickness or an accident. There is bound life insurance and free life insurance: the premiums for life insurance according to the Pillar 3a retirement plan are tax advantaged, whereas the advantages for life insurances according to Pillar 3b can be freely elected. This is interesting above all for a cohabiting partner.

If existing pensions and savings are not sufficient to cover the risks when you buy or build your own home, you should plan rather conservatively and seriously think over your long-term ability to carry the property. In such cases, it's worth considering the purchase of disability or mortgage insurance.

Disability insurance

With disability insurance, if you can't work at all or can only partially work due to illness or an accident, you receive disability payments following a freely elected waiting period.

Mortgage insurance

Mortgage insurance covers any gaps in your income in the case of unemployment or death. In the case of unemployment, the agreed mortgage payments continued to be paid by the insurance company for the contracted period. In the case of death, the survivors receive a capital payment which serves for the direct amortisation of a part of the mortgage.


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