Combinations and limitations

You can purchase building, water-damage, household contents and liability insurance as separate policies or in combinations.


Compare whether combined policies are less expensive or whether it's cheaper to buy individual policies from less-expensive suppliers.


You are not insured for damage which you as the policy holder have brought about intentionally or due to serious negligence, and similarly not for damage arising from wars, civil unrest and nuclear energy. Damage due to earthquakes is covered by many private building insurance companies and those regulated under public law - even if only to a limited extent. Make sure to find out.

Obligation for mitigation of damage

Insurance policies don't pay out automatically. That's because there are omissions that can lead to someone not receiving any compensation following some damage even though they were insured. For instance, as a policy holder you're obliged to do everything in your power to keep the damage as limited as possible. This includes, for example, that when you travel on holiday you pull in the fabric on sunshades, unplug PCs and TVs or bring portable objects such as bicycles or garden furniture into safety.

As much as possible, see to it that a trusted person has access to your apartment or house during your absence. You can find further tips on The Swiss Portal. By the way, in case of damage, the policy holder has the burden of proof. Thus, he must be able to prove the value of the damaged objects. What's this mean? Keep all your receipts!