Favorite furniture: the wooden table

No furniture is as popular as the big wooden table. In many apartments and houses, it is the focal point of the interior and the core piece of furniture for those who live there. Here are 10 ideas for furnishing your home using wooden dining tables that feature very different styles. They make you want to go searching for that favorite piece of furniture, to introduce a little change and make your home that much more comfortable and hospitable.


1 The modern, up-to-date table

Modern long wooden tables are very popular. There are many variants on the “industrial-chic” style of living, whose influence stems from old factories and is here to stay. Like the country-house style, it shows up again and again in a variety of iterations. This table is a recycled product that has been assembled from various elements and materials to create a new whole look. Many Swiss vintage retailers also offer these types of products. Take a look for yourself and discover old wooden boards, metal legs or frames and let them create your own unique table. In this picture, found on the Coco Lapine Design blog, the relaxed industrial look features different chairs around it, a large woven carpet underneath and many indoor plants.


2 The antique table

This classic wooden table is a big antique pickling table. It symbolizes a sense of coziness combined with nostalgia. A look that looks old and well-worn; this type of table works well with any decor. This kind of table could tell stories and stir up one’s imagination. In addition, antique wood introduces a bit of structure along with a nice and soothing dose of sensibility. Keep old tables old and do not renovate them to look new. You can oil old tables and, if you have to, you can sand them down. Wood is a living and self-cleaning material that smells good and radiates a lot of warmth. Simple open-work chairs work well with an antique table like this so that the table stands out and the chairs allow the table to breathe. Image discovered on the Homebunch blog.


3 The simple wooden table

Sustainability, thoughtful purchases and mindful consumption are highly prized attributes nowadays. This trend is in response to everyday life, which feels increasingly rushed and is driven by digitization, social media and rapid change. This trend is also showing up in visual ways as well. Which is also why we love original, simple, craftsmanship-worked pieces. And of course, this simple and streamlined wooden table reflects this aesthetic perfectly. The table pictured here and the home accessories are available at the Ingredients LDN online shop.


4 Practical and pushed up against the wall

When placing a large wooden table in a room, you automatically think of putting it the center of the room. That does not have to be every time. Smaller apartments or places that only have a few rooms often lack the space to accommodate a wooden table being placed in the center of a room. Feel free to place a large wooden table against the wall. A bench will help provide enough seating space for many guests and will save even more on  space. The table pictured here is available on the Historiska Hem real estate website.


5 Charming with wicker chairs

Just because you have decided on an old, rustic wooden table does not mean that now everything else has to be rough and really old. The chairs you choose to place around the table will help you define exactly the look you are after. Wicker chairs placed around a round table lend an uncomplicated, airy charm. Pillows soften the look of these kinds of chairs, and you can instantly give them a winter look by placing hides with fur on them over the backs and the seats of your chairs. The table pictured here is available on the Homes to love blog.


6 Elegant with a strong design

This nice big wooden table is light and modern and shows off some great curves. This would look great in an elegant apartment. A bench from the Libertyn blog is paired with this table. Its shape has a calming effect that makes it even more appealing. Lots of chair legs and backrests can make a round table quickly look too busy and complicated.


7 Rustic and uncomplicated

In principle, lighter chairs are better suited to large wooden tables than heavy chairs. They let the table take center stage with the chairs acting as a quiet backdrop. This table is on the The Nordroom blog; classic Viennese chairs surround a large table with black legs. The fact that this table is composed of different types of wood is understated and actually complements the table’s appearance.


8 Creating a festive mood

If you want to give your wooden table a Mediterranean look, then place a woven carpet underneath it, wicker chairs and stools around it and lots of pillows. Cover the tabletop with ceramics, wooden boards, flowers in jugs and light some candles. All home accessories and furniture by Madam Stoltz.


9 A hodgepodge of styles

This antique wooden table is rather light and airy looking. It has a thinner wooden tabletop and a curved metal frame. This kind of table accommodates more sedate chairs well, and they are all different. What connects them is that all the wooden frames and upholstery are covered in beige velvet. This image found on the Planète Déco blog.


10 Choose the right lighting

No one wants light creating glare when they’re sitting comfortably together with others around a beautiful large wooden table. Avoid potted lights and choose hanging lamps or other lighting that works well with the room and style of table. Simple, big industrial lights are always a safe bet. This industrial style works very well with old rustic tables. You can hang several lights in a row along the table, depending on the size of the table and lights. Don’t hang them too high, otherwise the light will be too bright, and do not hang them too low, or they will obscure everyone’s view of each other around the table. Choose matte, warm bulbs that do not emit cold light. Glass lights pair beautifully with light and airy and modern elegant tables. If you place the table against the wall, you can mount wall sconces with long arms that can be positioned for optimal lighting (see example 6). Avoid individual over-sized hanging lamps; they put the spotlight on themselves (pun intended) and steal the show. Image found on the Decoraiso blog.