What is a Minergie apartment?

Minergie is a Swiss quality label for low-energy buildings. This standard is a guarantee of quality and, above all, low energy consumption, presented in a format that the public can understand. Anyone who wants to buy or rent a Minergie apartment should consider the following.

Energy saving living made easy

Frequently, small changes in lifestyle are enough to make an impact. With these simple tips, you can save energy, be greener and, last but not least, reduce your costs.

Solar collectors

Using solar energy rather than traditional heating systems that damage the environment – that’s definitely a positive thing. But are solar collectors on your roof really anything more than a pleasant fantasy? Are they affordable for the average consumer? And when is it worth purchasing them?

Sustainable living – the easy way

The more greenhouse gases emit into our atmosphere, the warmer the Earth becomes. This is not a novel insight; the issue is brought up every day in print and online media. But how does our lifestyle influence these harmful emissions? How can each one of us reduce CO2, methane and nitrous oxide emissions and live as sustainably as possible? These tips will help you achieve this.

Heat pumps: energy from the deep

In Switzerland, heat pumps are considered to be an important part of the energy revolution. This is because lots of renewable, environmentally-friendly energy is in the ground, in the water or in the air. Modern heat pumps make use of this energy. Here are our tips for heat pumps – for new builds and for retrofits.