Detox for the apartment

At the beginning of the year there is a big diet wave. Cleanse, purify, a little fitness - this also applies to the apartment. These ideas help with this.


A new beginning is fun

Just as we long for juice cures and crunchy vegetables after the holidays, we also have had enough of lush cosiness and decoration at home. We wish for a new beginning. Make plans, write down ideas, think about what you want to change and improve. Then start doing everything calmly and relaxed. Because detox in the apartment should not happen with great trepidation or even stress. Treat your new projects like a pampering therapy: slowly, thoughtfully and with pleasure. (Photo: House Doctor)


Happiness in small-scale

I always start cleanup and discarding actions with something nice that makes me happy. Thus, I first make a bouquet of flowers, hang a picture or put a piece of furniture in place. This little embellishment is like the ignition key that starts the engine. Beauty on a small scale can trigger big things. (Photo: HK Living, information about the Swiss agency IDS Living)


More organisation and order

Detox includes purifying, decontaminating and focusing on good values. Plan a smart order system and then start tidying up, sorting and cleaning. Only when you know exactly where you want to stow or place your things can you arrange them properly. Pay attention to beauty as well. Group products into attractive still lifes, fold textiles so they fit well and look pretty. For textiles it is worthwhile to apply the iron. Kitchen towels, napkins, bed linen and sometimes bathroom linens can be organized better and more beautifully if they are nicely folded - and not completely crumpled. (Photo: House Doctor)


Let yourself be helped

Often some things in the apartment are impractical and could be solved better with a little effort. Good aids for this are, for example, chairs. These make practical and attractive shelves. Therefore, in the bedroom, bathroom or entree it helps to place a pretty chair, which takes our jackets, bags, beach towels and much more. Even stools, compact mobile shelving or simple, small wall shelves are such good entities that can help us in everyday life. (Photo: HK Living, information about the Swiss agency IDS Living)


Simple and beautiful

A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is Wabi Sabi. This is actually a Japanese concept that describes how to combine simplicity, sensuality and beauty. Simplicity, textures and materials, reduction and beauty are the ingredients for that. Maybe replace a heavy sideboard with a light side table like this example from the Danish company Muuto. Choose neutral colors and beautiful finishes instead of patterns and a confusion of color. Arrange and combine related items instead of distributing everything everywhere.


Less is often more

Detox in the apartment is not about suddenly implementing radical minimalism. But often we just have too much of something or very complicated furnishings. Sort out your things as well as your furniture. Maybe there are too many chairs around your dining table or the shelves are bursting with books that have not been sorted for a long time. If there is too much laundry or clothes in the closet, they cannot be arranged properly and you just stuff them in. When purging your things, you do not have to separate yourself from everything. Create a retreat for some of it, something like a winter or summer residence. This can be storage furniture in the attic, in the garage or an additional cabinet in the apartment. Just keep a portion for actual use and replace it as needed. (Image: Little Greene)


Relaxing time

For an apartment to radiate peace and harmony, it needs places where rest and relaxation are possible. Day beds, reading chairs, work desks - they all help. Play more consciously with the light sources. Atmospheric light imparts peace. This means low hanging lights and well-placed floor and table lamps. Here it is the Dogu pendants by Fritz Hansen that are placed next to a simple daybed.


This is how you enjoy your home

Often, furniture is where you really do not use it. If your favorite chair is in a corner and you would like to enjoy the view, then bring it to the window. When furnishing, you determine the rules. Optimal use of the available space is not mandatory. If the furniture is where it is actually used for living, it usually looks pretty and cozy automatically. (Image: Madam Stoltz)


Ready for something new

After calm and harmony have returned to your apartment, it is ready for something different: a novel sense of living, a new season, fresh flowers and a housewarming party. Celebrate with your family and friends and serve fresh fruit juices, salads, crunchy vegetables and homemade quiche, breathe deeply and feel good! (Image: Little Greene)