Cleaning tips

Part of moving house is cleaning the old apartment. But how thoroughly must you really clean? We've collected the most important cleaning tips for you.

The most important things to consider first when it comes to cleaning are legal regulations, local customs and the rental contract. In certain locations, for instance, it's customary to hand over an apartment or a commercial space simply broom clean.

Properties which are being torn down or renovated, where craftsmen are coming in directly after the tenant has moved out, can generally also be handed over broom clean.

How thorough?

How thorough to tidy up, in detail, can be summed up without the need for any domestic treatises: clean.

The term «clean» is relative and is interpreted differently depending on the landlord's approach to the matter. Here it can be entirely possible in individual cases that excessive requirements are set.

Tips for handover cleaning

If you carry out your apartment cleaning according to our cleaning tips, you shouldn't encounter any problems at the handover.

So that you can always maintain an overview even while doing the cleaning, you can download a PDF checklist with the most important tips.

Cleaning checklist