10 things to sort out quickly when moving house

Moving house is always a big deal. You lose an old home, gain a new one, and everything is a bit of a whirlwind. All the more reason to want to feel at home again as quickly as possible. Some things are best dealt with right at the beginning -  these 10 things are good examples of this. 


When moving house, don’t make the mistake of quickly furnishing and organizing everything to look the same as how it did in your old house. Moving house is the ideal opportunity to reassess your furniture, find better solutions, and get yourself organized. However, there are some things shouldn’t be delayed for too long, or else you will get used to a situation which was only intended to be provisional and potentially end up living like that for years on end. (Image via: 55 Kvadrat)


1 Position your furniture correctly

As your new apartment will probably have a different layout to the old one, it's not recommended to furnish it in the exact same way as before. Find the optimal places for your most important items of furniture,  such as the sofa, bed, wardrobe or dining table, as soon as possible. Once you have initially positioned these items of furniture, they will usually stay there. Reconsider the floor plan of the apartment. Perhaps the living room would be better as a bedroom, or the bedroom would make an ideal children's’ room. (Image via: Entrance)


2 Add extra furniture to the bathroom

Before the move, you will usually be aware of exactly what the new bathroom has to offer. The best time to take care of necessary and desirable items of additional furniture is also before the move. Perhaps you need a small shelf, an item of furniture under the wash basin, a stool, a shower curtain or a small cabinet for the bath towels. If you have this extra furniture when moving in, then the bathroom will be fully furnished and properly usable in no time. Otherwise, you might end up living for months on end taking bath products out of the moving boxes, or showering without a curtain and constantly having to clean. You may also opt for an ineffective interim solution, which slowly establishes itself as the permanent state of affairs. (Image via: Fantastic Frank)


3 Implement the desired solutions

While in the process of moving house, look for your desired solutions for things such as the washing machine, a place to store shoes, and the right coat rack. These are also weak points in many apartments, because they are often put off for too long. As time goes on, it then becomes completely normal to have a permanently cluttered coat rack, shoes lying around in the corridor, and the washing machine in the bathroom without a suitable shelf. (Image via: Decoist)


4 Have your curtains made to measure

Apartments without curtains always give the impression that you have only just moved in. In addition to this, you will end up staring into black holes at night-time, and never gain the privacy that you desire. Cheat the system and let professionals measure the windows before you move in so that they can create made-to-measure curtains. DIY aficionados can of course also do this themselves. Any missing curtain rails can also be fitted at the same time. In this way, the new apartment will feel cozy and stylish right from the day you move in - as if you'd already lived there for years. Don't make the mistake of buying cheap ready-made curtains that are too long or too short and don't suit the curtain rails in your new apartment. If you already have curtains but their size no longer works in the new apartment, then have them modified. Select trims in contrasting colors to add a stylistic touch to your curtains. All curtains from Interio.


5 Adapt your furniture

Often, certain pieces of furniture no longer suit the new ceiling height or room length. Deal with this before moving in by ordering attachments and additions or having their size adjusted by a carpenter. Nowadays, many furniture systems are modular and can be easily adapted. However, unconventional solutions can also be attractive. Perhaps two chests of drawers that used to be next to each other would also look good on top of each other. (Image via: 55 Kvadrat)


6 Create an inviting entrance

When you get back home, the first place you step into is the entrance area. One of your first jobs after moving in is utilizing this space to create an inviting, welcoming entrance to your house. If it exudes peace and harmony, then both you and your guests will feel welcome. And, after creating this space, you will overlook the chaos that usually dominates the period after the move. Important elements for making a friendly entrance space include somewhere to place your cell phone, keys and odds and ends, a place to hang up coats or jackets, a light, and a mirror that makes the space appear visually bigger. (Image via: Fantastic Frank)


7 Finally purchase that big new bed

A relocation is also the perfect opportunity to upgrade your furniture. Use the transition to finally buy that dream big bed that you have been waiting to buy for years. If you schedule the delivery date to coincide with the moving date, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. But even if you still like your old bed, it's worth reviewing your bedding when moving house. As odd as it sounds, even mattresses, duvets and pillows have expiry dates. They should be cleaned regularly and replaced from time to time. And a relocation is the ideal time to do this. Bigger new purchases of this kind may also include a sofa, a shelving unit or a dining table. Bed from Interio.


8 Buy some good containers for the kitchen

When you have to clear everything out and then put everything away again in its new place, one or two organizational problems will most certainly arise. Embrace the relocation period as a time to purchase new or nicer organizational aids. Perhaps some new storage containers for the kitchen. This will enable you to arrange the new kitchen shelves with style and an achieve the optimum level of organization right from the start. The same also applies for files, clothing or small items. Baskets or boxes can also come in handy here. All kitchen accessories from Bloomingville.


9 Design the children's’ room

Have you promised your children something for the new apartment? Then put these promises into action, or else your kids won't believe another word you say. Paint the walls their favorite color, sew the canopy above the bed, use strings of lights as lamps, or build an awesome play corner. In addition, personal touches will certainly help alleviate any insecurities that children will most likely experience when moving house. (Image via: Entrance)


10 Conquer the outdoor area

Most apartments have a balcony or garden access. Conquer your outdoor area right at the start, even if the move doesn’t happen on a sunny, warm day. Buy some plants, put out the garden furniture and make sure that everything looks nice and clean. This way, you can have breakfast outside on the first sunny day at your new place, or at least drink a toast to your new home. Garden furniture from La Redoute.