Are you suited to own a home?

Are you considering a new job abroad or in another canton? Is a marriage (and children) in your near future? Tenants are flexible and are free to go anywhere to rent a house or apartment which meets their needs.

When you own property matters are more difficult. That's why you should consider well how much flexibility you need and think about this aspect in practical terms.

How stable is your life?

Ask yourself whether you're the type of person whose life follows a steady course or whether you instead prefer change. Also ask yourself whether you can predict your space requirements at least in the mid term and whether your future might possibly include a marriage and children or if you're approaching retirement age.

A person who's suited to own a home tends to lead a stable, predictable life.

Can you live more frugally?

Make sure to be aware that along with the acquisition of residential property you also take on long-term financial obligations of a considerable amount. This might mean that in future you have to limit what you can afford to spend on yourself for things such as holidays, going out to restaurants or clothing. Are you ready to do so?

Ready to be your own caretaker?

With a rental apartment, you don't need to worry about maintenance, repairs and administration. As a homeowner, in contrast, you're responsible for the entire house (or condominium) as well as any surrounding property and must also coordinate and pay for major repairs. This is not only a financial load, it also involves considerable work. Are you willing and able to do all this, as well?


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