Handing over an apartment

An apartment must be handed over on the last day of the term of tenancy during normal business hours. It is recommended that you agree on a handover date with the landlord in good time. During the apartment handover, the tenant must return all keys (including copies).

Vacating and cleaning

On the day when handing over the apartment, not only the apartment itself must be completely cleared out and thoroughly cleaned, but the same applies to any ancillary rooms (basement, attic, garage, etc.). Without a corresponding agreement in the rental contract, the tenant can do the cleaning himself or have it done by a cleaning service.

With a cleaning service, the agreed fixed price should contain a handover guarantee. During the handover, a representative of the cleaning service should always be present so that any remaining cleaning can be done immediately.

Inventory and condition report

When returning residential property, a joint inventory and condition report must be prepared. This report lists everything in the apartment which is not in proper order. Defects must be described as exactly as possible. Defects listed in the report as being the responsibility of the tenant and which is then signed by him are then considered acknowledged by the tenant.

Provisions in the list of defects

Sign the inventory and condition report only when you understand everything in it. If uncertain about something, don't sign it or do so only with a clearly stated provision. In this case, also make a statement concerning the items not acceptable to you with a registered letter, and perhaps even turn to the local Tenants' Association.

Retain all records including a copy of the report as signed and dated by you and the landlord as well as copies of your letters along with receipts for registered post. There is no legal requirement to sign a handover report. If the landlord declines to accept the apartment, send him the keys in a registered letter.