Real estate sale through an estate agent

Despite the large number of estate agents, it's not easy to find a good one. The best thing to do is first ask your friends and acquaintances if they have had good experience with someone. Otherwise, your bank can also serve as a contact to provide assistance. If this does not prove successful, you can also find estate agents on the Internet and in newspapers.

Selecting an estate agent

Serious estate agents generally belong to an association such as the Swiss Chamber of Estate Agents (SMK), part of the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT). Have a personal meeting with several of them and pay attention to whether the chemistry is there and you feel comfortable with them. In addition, if you find an estate agent who has previously been active in this area for several years, it is advantageous if he has already been successful in selling similar real estate. To form the basis for your decision, an appointment on site and based on this an offer and a brief evaluation of the property (location, price, etc.) will help.

Estate agent offers

When it comes to estate agent offers, you should examine in detail what is included in the fee, if for example you might expect additional costs (e.g. for expenses). Does the estate agent expect a contingency fee based on a successful sale? Items which are less favourable include, for instance, long terms of commitment, and compensation which must be paid even if there is no successful sale. As a rule, estate agent fees are paid only after the public notarisation.

Sales forecasts

Be cautious if there is too much optimism. A good estate agent does not make empty promises and is rather restrained as regards sales forecasts. In addition, he first points out any flaws in the property as well as a selling price which is set too high, even if this results in a lower fee for him.