Selling real estate on your own

To establish a realistic price for your real estate, it is worthwhile to get an estimate of the property's market value. Using the price calculator on, you can get a guideline price for your house based on more than a million other properties.

Preparing sales documentation

Professional documentation builds trust and at the same time eases contract negotiations. It should include, among other things:

  • Conditions of sale
  • Location map
  • Zoning map
  • Floor plan

With our sales documentation templates you can add your specific information simply and quickly, then hand out the documentation to interested parties or add it directly to your ad on

Sales documentation templates (in German)​​​​​​​

Successfully advertising your house

You can advertise your real estate online at There it is possible to present key information about the real estate in a clear way using things such as maps and photographs and in doing so reach a larger audience of potential buyers. When creating the real estate ad, make sure to pay attention to a professional presentation with extensive information, meaningful photographs and easy to read maps. We have put together the most important tips for advertising on for you.

Qualifying the buyer

To ensure that the buyer of your real estate is actually solvent, you should have that person or their bank present a notarised written confirmation of finances.

Purchase contract

The purchase contract is prepared by a notary. Pay attention in particular to the following:

  • Terms of payment
  • Payment deadlines
  • Down payment and its guarantee
  • Remaining payments
  • Splitting of notary fees
  • Any possible real estate transfer taxes
  • Charges pending on the property and easements.

Real estate transfer

When negotiating the price and the terms of sale, make sure to get all the key information about the transfer of real estate. It's even better to specify the details of the transfer in the purchase contract. Go here to read more information about the worry-free transfer of real estate.

Funds from pension plans

If you have financed the real estate you would like to sell with retirement funds, upon its sale you must repay the funds you withdrew back into the pension plan.