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Frequently asked questions

Why is the online mortgage worth it?

With the online mortgage you save time and money – thanks to a lower interest rate, convenient online processing and maximum transparency. You have total control of the financing of your own home or holiday residence, not only when applying for and concluding a mortgage but also when managing it during its term.

Which types of mortgages does the online mortgage offer?

Our mortgages are as individual as your needs. You can choose between a fixed-rate mortgage, a variable-rate mortgage or a Libor mortgage. If you place high value on stability, a fixed-rate mortgage is just the right thing for you. Those who are willing to take on a bit of risk remain more flexible with a variable-rate mortgage or a Libor mortgage.

Which requirements must be met to qualify for the online mortgage?

If you live in Switzerland, are of legal age and can come up with sufficient equity participation, you are a candidate for the online mortgage. A maximum of two mortgage holders are permitted. Your own home or holiday residence must be located in Switzerland and may not be on leasehold property. A community of heirs, construction loans, commercial real estate and agricultural zones do not qualify.