Find the right agent — here's how it works

You provide basic information about your property.
We offer you up to three matching agents free by email.
Compare offers and decide on a partner who will personally guide you through the entire sales process.

Sell ​​your property with the support of an agent

The search for a suitable buyer is an expensive, complex process and can be extremely time-consuming. Determining the selling price can be crucial to the sales process. In order to avoid taking risks, more than half of home owners rely on a real estate agent. in cooperation with Homeday are here to help you find the right professional. Get free offers now from agents and find the right expert for your property.

The agent will take care of the following things for you

Determining a fair market price
Assistance with compiling sales documents
Preparing an informative write-up on the property
Advertising and costs
Preparing the purchase contract and coordinating notary appointments
Legal advice
Selecting interested parties
Coordinating and scheduling viewings
Checking the buyer's credit score
Handling transferring the property over to the new owners or tenants

How agents are selected

Our large network of real estate professionals will make it easy for you to find the right agent. In order to find the right partner for you, the following information is taken into account by assigning it different weighting:
The agent's experience with your type of property: Location, size, condition and the features of the property
the more sales an agent has in your category, the better
How close the agent office is to the real estate object
the closer, the better
The average price a real estate agent has obtained for similar properties (also referred to as "comps")
the higher, the better
Previous customer satisfaction with an agent
the higher, the better

I most cases, real estate agents get a higher selling price for private individuals: 
A good agent will pay for himself.