Renovate in stages or all at once?

Renovations can be carried out in multiple stages or all at once. Both have pros and cons. With a staged process, however, it is important that you have an overall plan in advance so that the renovations steps are coordinated properly with each other.

Renovate in stages

Pros: Distribution of the costs over several years and correspondingly easier financing and possibly even tax optimisation. In addition, the residential property can generally be used during the construction period.

Cons: Overall construction costs are higher, energy savings are achieved only in stages, use of the living area is impaired over a longer period and the Minergie certification will likely be possibly only after all parts of the building have been renovated. Note that if there is inadequate coordination of building steps, you can run into problems with building physics.

Total renovation

Pros: Overall lower construction costs, optimal coordination of energy-saving measures, quick energy savings, and from a scheduling standpoint an overall shorter time during which living is impaired. A total process also often allows for Minergie certification, which can lead to subsidies and better mortgage rates.

Cons: Financing must be arranged for the total construction cost all at once, and this can have negative tax implications. Depending on the extent of the project, it can happen that the real estate is not inhabitable during part of the construction work - but perhaps it's possible to combine the most intensive work with an extended holiday trip!