Description of Services of Homegate AG

Product ClubOne

ClubOne is a product for corporate clients. It entitles corporate clients to publish an unlimited number of properties on and, without any additional cost, to post 13 pictures1), one document, one video and one link to a website or to a 360° virtual tour for each property on For new-build properties with the same address a maximum of 5 adverts with the same detailed description may be published.

The specific monthly flat rate fees agreed to with the corporate client concerned shall apply. The ClubOne monthly flat rate fees shall be invoiced each month by Homegate AG. In the event of late payment, Homegate AG shall be entitled to discontinue the provision of further services at any time without prior notice either temporarily or definitively.

The minimum term shall be 12 months. The term shall be extended thereafter automatically by further periods of 12 months unless written notice to terminate the service is given at least 3 months prior to the expiry date of the minimum term or an extension. In the event of early termination or cessation of usage by the corporate client the fee shall nonetheless be owed for the full term.

ClubOne clients shall receive a discount of 30% on the list prices for the products TopListing, PremiumListing and RegioStar ( on

ClubOne clients may set up data forwarding to other portals supported by free of charge.

Additional products to adverts: PremiumListing and TopListing

Property adverts may be presented or highlighted as follows on

  • as PremiumListing adverts,
  • as TopListing adverts, and
  • as standard adverts.

It is standard for the search result lists on the Real Estate Platform to list first the PremiumListing adverts, followed by the TopListing adverts and thereafter the standard adverts.

If the inquirer organises the search result list according to different criteria (e.g. according to price), the TopListing and PremiumListing adverts will be sorted and presented accordingly in line with these criteria.

If a list of search results contains multiple PremiumListing or TopListing adverts, they will be displayed in the order in which they were booked, with the most recently booked PremiumListing or respectively TopListing advert as the first PremiumListing or respectively TopListing advert displayed.

PremiumListing and TopListing are additional services (options) for adverts that have already been published and may be activated or deactivated by clients at any time.

PremiumListing and TopListing are available for a fee. For corporate clients the list price is 10.00 CHF plus VAT per day for a TopListing (TopListing day) and 20.00 CHF plus VAT per day for a PremiumListing (PremiumListing day). Invoices for PremiumListing days and TopListing days shall be issued monthly on the basis of the number of days on which the additional service has been activated. A PremiumListing day or TopListing day shall start at 0:00 hours and shall last for 24 hours. An incomplete day during which a TopListing or a PremiumListing has been active for less than 24 hours shall be reported and invoiced as a full day.

The number of PremiumListing and TopListing bookings and days shall be updated daily and displayed on

Product DuoPack

(Offer only applies for customers in the Romandie)

DuoPack is an offer for customers of the company. Advertisements will be displayed on the platform, and other satellite platforms.

The specific monthly fees agreed with the individual customers apply. The DuoPack monthly fees are invoiced once a month by Homegate AG. In the event that payment is delayed, Homegate AG is authorised to withhold provision of services at any time, temporarily or permanently, without prior warning.

The minimum duration is 12 months. The duration is then extended by another 12 months, provided that the services are not cancelled in writing at least three months before expiry of the minimum duration or of any extension period that may apply. If the customer cancels or terminates use early, or if the service is discontinued due to delays in payment, the fees remain payable for the full duration.

Prices from a separate price list apply for the DuoPack. Adverts by private clients

Private advertisers may create and publish adverts on

Adverts shall remain published until they are cancelled or archived by the person who placed the advert.

The advertising fees per advert comprise a one-off basic fee plus a flat rate weekly fee for each week of publication.

The level of the basic fee and the flat rate weekly fee may vary from advert to advert and can depend upon several factors such as for example property location, property category or type of marketing (sale/rent).

A flat rate weekly fee shall cover seven days, with each day beginning at midnight and ending 24 hours later at midnight. The flat rate weekly fee shall be charged in full for any week that has been started.

The costs of adverts may change from day to day. The binding costs of adverts shall be displayed to the person placing the advert before an advert is published or activated on and shall apply for the full duration of the advert.

The additional services available, the description and prices of which shall be displayed whilst posting the advert and in the user account under "My adverts", may be booked by person placing the advert if desired and subsequently deactivated.

The basic fee and the first flat rate weekly fee shall be invoiced after the advert has been posted. Any additional costs arising as a result of the duration of publication and any additional services selected shall be invoiced every four weeks, or if earlier at the time the advert is cancelled or archived.

This Description of Services was last amended on 19 September 2018.



Products Classic, Easy, Top

The offers Classic, Easy and Top are products for corporate clients. They enable real estate adverts to be placed in accordance with clause 6 of the General Terms and Conditions of Business. Contracts between corporate clients and Homegate AG shall be concluded on an open-ended basis. Real estate adverts shall be published until instructed otherwise by the corporate client.

The contract may be terminated in writing subject to compliance with a notice period of one month, at the end of a month.

The products shall be sold at the prices specified in the following table, which exclude VAT.