What if the landlord looks himself?

Legally it often arises that large professional building management companies react differently to such a notice of termination than do private landlords of smaller multi-unit buildings. In this regard, Hans Bättig from HEV says, «Private landlords tend to look upon such a case from a legal standpoint and not in view of economics.» After all, and especially if the tenant has been in the apartment for a long time, a property owner might believe such a change in tenants could be a good opportunity to increase the rent to prevailing rates in the neighbourhood or make some improvements to the apartment.

Confirmation is important

If this is the case and the rental terms and conditions are changed, then the landlord is responsible for finding a new tenant. As long as the landlord prefers to find search for a tenant on his own - such as with his own internal waiting list or with a preferred tenant - the existing tenant should nevertheless have this fact confirmed in writing. In this regard, it is sufficient to have a statement that the tenant is no longer liable for the agreement as at the desired deadline. If everyone is aware of their rights and obligations, giving notice for an apartment need not be a source of unending trouble.