Check list: The 10 most important points

1. Maximum possible price
2. Location: what's the situation with noise and offensive odours? How important are peace and quiet, sunshine and the view?
3. Characteristics of the city/town and the living environment: opportunities for leisure activities, facilities for children, sports, medical care, etc.
4. Connections to public transportation and roads/highways
5. Distances to your place of work, schools, shopping
6. Architectural style and type of construction: classically «traditional» or modern?
7. Number of rooms and their sizes
8. The floor plan in general: flexibility with regards to any later changes which might be needed
9. Interior design, colours and materials: aesthetics, practicality and durability
10. Social environment, neighbourhood

After each home viewing, place a check mark next to those points which are covered. If a property fulfils at least 70 to 80 per cent of the requirements, you should give it serious consideration. Keep in mind, though, that it's hardly possible to find a 100 per cent match!

The purchase process