The purchase process: steps to your dream property

Whether clarifying requirements when selecting real estate, home construction, the purchase contract, the inspection as well as the takeover of your new home: in the process of purchasing real estate you proceed through a number of steps. Learn here the most important points along this journey.

by Jürg Zulliger

In the last few years, momentum in the apartment and real estate markets has shifted in favour of the consumer. Every day, thousands of properties are being advertised for rent or sale in various media and on Internet portals.

There's an amazing amount of construction in almost every part of Switzerland. Throughout the country you can visit real-estate fairs and inspect model homes. People have access to a growing network of estate agents, or they turn to an architect to whom they entrust their individual building contract.

Spoilt with choices

Despite the wide variety of search options, finding your dream property hasn't necessarily become any easier because many people have difficulty when facing so many choices. How do you boil down this wide variety to a common denominator? What adventures await you if you decide to build from scratch on a vacant plot?

Clarify your requirements

To make sure that your search for that dream property doesn't follow a zigzag course, one thing is necessary above all: you should first gain some clarity as to your own requirements! That's the best guarantee that you won't be blinded by the wide variety of available properties out there.

Each purchase is unique​​​​​​​

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way, or so goes the old saying. However, few of us have the necessary pocket change to build two or three houses or make another try following a poor purchase. Anyone who is poorly prepared or signs a purchase contract on a whim should not wonder afterwards; in the worst case, aggravation during construction and later on frustration with the living situation are inevitable.

The ideal path to your own home​​​​​​​

You do have control of everything. If you approach things systematically and with a bit of knowledge, you significantly increase the chances that you'll find the ideal path to owning a home.

The purchase process