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Are you looking for suitable financing to extend a mortgage that is about to end?

Obtain an offer in 5 minutes

With UBS key4 mortgages, you receive the most attractive offers from various providers in a flash with just one inquiry. Select the best offers and put together your own personal total financing solution online.

One provider may offer attractive interest rates for long mortgage terms, while another may have particularly good conditions for short terms. Which one should you choose? With UBS key4 mortgages you can have both. UBS key4 mortgages allows you to combine offers in the way that suits you best.

  • Attractive interest rates and terms of up to 15 years
  • Free advice and processing from a single source
  • Receive non-binding offers online immediately

Disclaimer: If you are interested in receiving additional mortgage services, click on the button below and you will be forwarded to the UBS key4 mortgages website. By clicking on the button below, you acknowledge that SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd may receive a payment each time a mortgage is taken out with UBS key4 mortgages. The products offered on the key4 website are exclusively intended for and available to persons resident in Switzerland.

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The current interest rates from UBS key4 mortgages*


from 0.70% + SARON

5-year fixed-rate mortgage

from 1.75%

10-year fixed-rate mortgage

from 1.81%

These interest rates are for illustrative purposes only and are updated regularly (current status as at 01.03.2024). They do not constitute a binding financing offer.

*Further notes: The interest rates shown were determined by UBS key4 mortgages on the basis of the following financing parameters: canton: Zurich, loan amount: CHF 500,000, affordability: 20%, loan-to-value ratio: 50%, mortgage payout date: 04.03.2024.
The SARON mortgage interest rate comprises the SARON rate, plus the margin. Find out how interest rates are calculated on a key4 SARON mortgage here.