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Find a new tenant for free

List your property for free on Homegate to find the perfect next tenant for your apartment in no time at all.

List your property now and find a new tenant

Create a free listing on Homegate to find a new tenant for when you move out of your apartment.

How you benefit

Free of charge

Free of charge

Homegate offers you maximum reach with minimum spend. Find a new tenant for free and avoid having to pay double rent when moving out of your apartment early.



A new tenant found every two minutes via Homegate. List your property now and see how quickly you can find a suitable new tenant for your apartment.



Our comprehensive fraud prevention measures will enable you to find a reliable and trustworthy tenant in no time.


Why do I need to find a new tenant? 

Find a new tenant for free

Moving out early can be expensive because tenants have to fulfil their rental agreement until the regular termination date and cover the rent.

Unless, that is, the existing tenant can find a solvent new tenant. According to the law, a tenant moving out early can propose a suitable prospective tenant who would take on the apartment on the desired date and at the existing conditions.

Millions of potential tenants use Homegate to search for a new apartment every month. Create a listing now to find a solvent new tenant for your apartment in no time at all.


How we help our users to find a new tenant

"Thanks for this great platform! You’ve helped me so much. You’re just unbeatable, with digital services that are also available to provide staff members like me with invaluable advice and guidance"

"With your help, I found the perfect tenant in just a few hours. I’d like to thank the Homegate team for your professional service."

"You’re just great! I had to delete the ad again after just a few days, having already rented the apartment to a young family."


The offer is intended exclusively for private tenants looking for new tenants for residential properties (including rooms in shared apartments). A Classic ad listing for a new tenant is free of charge for one week. Following the first seven days from publication, the usual regional weekly rates are charged until deletion.

The offer does not apply to business customers or private sellers/landlords. Homegate reserves the right to retroactively charge the standard rates for ads that violate these terms of use, or to delete the ad.

The offer can be used for one ad per customer per year. Please also note the general terms and conditions. Read the general terms and conditions.