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We are looking for a new roommate/roommates for the 2-room cluster (2 rooms, entrée, bathroom, balcony) in our huge flat. Available from 1.11.2022 or according to the agreement. Location: Oerlikon, 8050. Rent: 1'363.-CHF, plus 135.- CHF additional costs per person.2-rooms cluster with similarly sized 2 rooms (13.1m2, 14.4m2), bathroom (3,8m2), and Entree (tea kitchen, 8.3m2), including a private balcony. Rooms are modern, the cluster is well sound-proof and suitable for two people, a couple, or for a single person who wants to split work and life. It won't include any furniture, Entire building is 8 years old. The entire house is equipped with air recuperation, including cellars. The flat is in a very nice, quiet neighborhood with good connectivity. Bus stop "Riedbach" is +-2 minutes on foot. Oerlikon station is +-12min on foot or +-4 minutes by bus. Nearby there are few restaurants and bakeries. Larger COOP is less than 10 minutes far away. Base costs are 1'363.- CHF plus 135.- CHF additional costs per person. Important - We are part of cooperative. In addition there is a one-time payments of a cooperate share of 17'623.- CHF (you become part of cooperative) and you get the money back once you move out.The apartment is 400m2, of which we share 170m2: a dining area with a huge wooden table, a large, modern kitchen, a living area with a music corner, a pantry with food supplies, small yoga and workout corner, and a large bathroom with a bathtub. We also have two large balconies with a grill, a balcony table, and lots of lanterns. In addition, the neighborhood has a lot to offer, such as a workshop, dance and yoga studio, a sauna, cultural rooms, and a garden ( www.mehralswohnen.ch )We are: Susanne (43, biologist), Miriam (38, manager at impro theater), Fadri (36, Startup CEO), Rebecca (40, video editor), JD (30, Developer), Martin (33, Developer), Julia (34, photographer), Yara (3y), Filip (3y), Fina (2y baby), We like things to be casual, enjoy good food, beer or wine and like to do things spontaneously together (e.g. yoga and workout, bouldering, excursions, and exhibitions). Watching movies and series, playing board games, playing music, and singing along are also parts of our shared flat life. With three kids around, the flat can be very alive :).

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