Rights and obligations


Transforming commercial property into living space

It sounds so easy: Build a few walls in the empty open-plan office, install a small kitchen and the dream apartment is ready. However, in practice this endeavor turns out to be a lot more complicated.

My Rights as a Condo Owner

Condominium owners always have their annual meeting during the first quarter or first semester of the year. This meeting serves as a platform for making all of their important decisions and questions. The condo owners' meeting is also a good exercise in living out and participating in democracy in action.

Buying a house: Making dreams come true together

Anyone who wants to create a house community with colleagues or friends needs a fair amount of idealism. Tolerance and a fair set of rules are important. Otherwise friendships in the home threaten to fall apart.

Real estate: What happens after a divorce?

Difficult questions must be resolved when a couple goes their separate ways. Who gets the custody of the children? What is the distribution formula that should be used to divide assets? Since real estate is worth a lot today, something else is considered particularly tricky: equitable distribution of common property.