Minor repairs


By law and according to the rental contract, the tenant is responsible for «minor repairs». These include cleaning and improvements required for normal maintenance which a tenant of average abilities can carry out himself. In this regard, the limits are a subject of debate.

A rule of thumb says that the costs for small improvements may not exceed a reference value of CHF 150 per repair. A list of such work is generally found in the general terms and conditions of the rental contract. This may not, however, lead to the situation where the tenant is obliged to take over costs that go well beyond the legal framework.

What are «minor repairs»?

«Minor repairs» include:

  • replacing broken bathroom toothbrush glasses, leaky shower hoses, broken soap dishes, defective belts on roller shutters, electrical switches and sockets, plastic baskets in the dishwasher as well as baking sheets.
  • replacing fuses
  • repairing or replacing broken door locks
  • proper sealing of gas and water cocks
  • replacing packing in water faucets
  • snow and ice removal on the balcony and terrace

Obligatory for every tenant

Before moving out of an apartment, all improvements that fall under the heading «minor repairs» must be carried out. Otherwise they can be billed to the tenant by the landlord. When moving into an apartment, you can demand that the landlord make small improvements and fix any defects.