Financing your home

Take the first step

Take the first step


The best interest rate

Receive your own personal interest rate from the biggest network of mortgage providers with our partner MoneyPark.

Affordability calculator

Work out what you can afford in seconds.


Compare mortgages

Compare different financing options from our partners and find the right mortgage for you.



Take out, renew and manage a mortgage for your own home or holiday property online in just a few quick and easy steps. (in German)

Free property appraisal

Calculate current market prices for your home – powered by ZKB

Professional property valuation

Have your residential property valued with the help of our partner IAZI



Mortgage types

The various types of mortgage differ in the amount of interest, how they are determined and the term. This results in pros and cons which must be weighed against one another.


Anyone wanting to buy their own home must be aware of the costs involved. Let us advise you on how to work out your budget before you buy your own home – for you will only be happy with your dream house or apartment if you can realistically assess both your financial opportunities and your Limits.

Refinance a mortgage

Sooner or later your mortgage will reach term and must be refinanced. Here we’ll show you what to watch out for.


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