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The population of Nods has risen to 804 over the past 3 years. This is a population increase of 4.55%.

Population statistics

The average annual income is CHF 68,345.

12.79% of the population hold a university degree, 14.26% have a higher vocational education qualification, 57.5% of the population have a school-leaving certificate or finished a vocational apprenticeship and 15.59% of residents are completing compulsory schooling.

As a result, the region has high social standards.

The overall unemployment rate is 1%.


The total tax percentage in the area is 15.41%. Aspects such as income, marital status and the amount of deductions are used to calculate the tax rate.

In Nods, single people with no children pay an average of 20.11% tax, a retired, married couple pays 19.43%, a married couple with two children pays 10.83% and a couple without children pays 14.84%.

Summary of the property market

New buildings

In the last 5 years, 2 apartments have been built in Nods.

One newly built 1-room apartment was added to the housing stock.

A 3-room apartment was also constructed.

Housing stock

Thanks to the construction of new dwellings, the amount of housing available in Nods has grown, and there are now a total of 423 apartments.

A total of 14 1-room apartments are available.

Additionally, there are 42 apartments with 2 rooms, 98 apartments with 3 rooms and 107 4-room apartments.

The supply of very large properties with 5 rooms includes 102 apartments, and there are 60 apartments with 6 rooms or more.

Housing market (rental only)

Rental properties are offered at an average price of CHF 1,050 per month.

A quarter of all available rents are lower than or equivalent to a monthly rent of CHF 850 (25th percentile).

75% of monthly rents are cheaper than CHF 1,331 (75th percentile), or they are equal to this average price.