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The valuation is based on the model of IAZI, which takes into account around 80 % of all property sales in Switzerland.

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Input of your information

No documents, only little information such as the address, living space, number of rooms, year of construction, and possibly the year of the last renovation.


Calculation of market price

In just 3 minutes, we estimate the market value of your property. The market value is estimated on the basis of over 70 influencing factors. The data basis is adjusted and supplemented quarterly to reflect current market trends.


Results immediately by email

We’ll send you your free property valuation by email in just 3 minutes. Having the value of your property estimated and planning a successful property sale has never been easier!

How is the property value determined?

The market value is based on over 70 factors, such as type of construction and location, including data from comparable sales. The information is constantly updated to determine the current property price quickly and accurately.

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Frequently asked questions about property valuation

A property valuation provides you with a realistic assessment of the market value of your property and is particularly useful if you are planning to sell your home, purchase a property or want to monitor the value of your current property. It helps you to achieve the best possible selling price and serves as a solid basis for price negotiations.
The value of a property depends on various factors, including its location, condition, year of construction, size, and fixtures. At Homegate, we offer a professional property valuation that takes these factors into account and provides you with an accurate estimate of the value of your property.
A property valuation with Homegate is free and non-binding. It provides you with an initial estimate of the market price of your property.
The free valuation gives you a range of prices, so you can quickly get a rough idea of the market value of the property. If you would like a more detailed valuation, we suggest the extended online valuation. There you have the option of entering additional information about your property. You will then receive a precise market price valuation that is even accepted by banks.
Your home will be valued by our model, which draws on years of experience and extensive expertise in the real estate industry. It uses up-to-date market data and comparisons to provide an accurate and fair valuation of your property.
A property valuation is always important if you are planning to sell or buy your property or if you want to check the current value of your property. It provides an accurate basis for price negotiations and helps you to achieve the best possible selling price.
Above all, the location, such as the distance to public transportation, schools, medical care or shopping facilities, plays a decisive role. The condition of your property (year of last renovation, structural condition, energy savings, etc.), as well as the standard of fittings and furnishings, are also of great importance. Some of these factors can change over time, which is why it makes sense to make use of our free property valuation at regular intervals.
15,000 valuations per year

Get a free property valuation in 3 minutes

Realistic estimate thanks to 20 years of experience and the largest database.

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