Ingredients for a good contract

An initial decisive point can be summarised in one simple sentence: The property buyer or owner must provide guarantees for himself about the desired levels of quality in advance, in writing and in a binding way, doing so such that the construction specifications are an integral part of the contract.

Clear wording

The property being built or purchased must be clearly described in words. Anything else is a minefield where legal tricksters can carry out their rhetorical battles.

Extensive description of services

Any purchaser who desires high quality must pay attention to every detail. If you're spending a fortune for a condominium or house and the description of services is no longer than one-half of an A4 page, all sorts of alarms should be going off in your head. Would you, for instance, sign to buy for an expensive sports car if such meagre information was the basis for your transaction?

What does «socket» really mean?

To the extent that you allow these documents to include vague promises - such as, for example, «electric sockets and parquet flooring in the living room» - is nothing more than buying the proverbial pig in a poke.

In the worst case, you could translate this previous wording to mean: «In the living room, it's enough to have a single 1-position electric socket, and the customer will be fobbed off with cheap parquet flooring.»

Specific definitions

Recommendation: For each component and each element, either the specifically anticipated product or a corresponding budget item should be defined. This includes a comprehensive description of all materials and appliances in the kitchen.

Similarly, all elements and the level of standards for fittings and fixtures in bathrooms, toilets and living spaces should be set down (wall and floor coverings). In addition, the quality of windows, doors, blinds, equipment, etc. require a precise description.

Purchase contract