Furniture for mini-balconies

Many balconies are small, which makes it difficult to fit them out with practical yet comfortable furniture. We show you how to fit out your small balcony with clever, space-saving solutions.

Types of balcony users

First, you need to decide what kind of balcony user you are. Each type of user has different requirements in terms of furniture. To ensure your wishes and requirements are met, you should have an overall idea of what you would like. Just want to chill out on the balcony when the weather is nice, for example? Then you need lounge furniture and can do without a table and chairs. Want to spend as much time as possible on your balcony – for barbecues, entertaining guests and working from home? Then you need a solid table and chairs. Gardeners also need shelving for plants, balcony boxes and storage space. Think furniture that offers space to store a watering can, fertiliser and soil, for example. And a cushion makes the perfect addition to a chest bench. Those who like to have a drink on the balcony might be better off with high tables and bar stools. Not just stylish, they also take up less space – meaning you can invite even more guests to the party.

Furniture for mini-balconies
Bar stools and high tables help to save space on your mini-balcony.

Folding furniture offers more storage space on your balcony

A lot of balcony furniture folds away, which saves space when you’re not having drinks on the balcony. Then you can open up your deckchair and let your hangover wash away. A folding table can be put away and kept to one side of the balcony when you’re on your own, for example. And when you have visitors, it can be fully extended so that as many people as possible can sit around it.

Ensuring privacy

Many balconies are overlooked by neighbours. So you need something that will offer you privacy – for example, a bamboo screen, a sheet or a wood divider. Gardeners can ensure a level of privacy by means of potted plants. And in winter hanging a protective plastic sheet does the trick.

Don’t forget the floor!

If you want to make your balcony a cosy place, you should also consider the flooring. Many balcony floors are made of concrete. So if you like to go barefoot on the balcony, you need a synthetic mat, outdoor carpet or weather-resistant laminate flooring. Tiles and wood planks are other options. To avoid hassle down the line, however, make sure you inform your landlord before making any permanent changes to your balcony.

Furniture for mini-balconies

Top tip: a wooden corner bench

Admittedly, corner benches may not seem like the sexiest option at first. But they do offer a lot more seating room than chairs or armchairs. They are really cosy and also offer a lot of storage space underneath the seats – the perfect place to store barbecue equipment, charcoal and other accessories.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is solid, modern and timeless. It is a good option for the balcony, and even the living area. It is very light, making it easy to transport. This way, you’ll have a tasteful place to relax at home in winter too. Unfortunately, most rattan furniture is rather large. You need to do some planning so that you have space for a small table or something else, as well as a sofa. Make sure that the cushions are filled with hygienic, quick-drying synthetic material. This will offer protection against mould and spores.

Now you know everything you need about how to design your mini-balcony! Remember, the more planning you do, the happier you’ll be with the end result.