Garden and balcony


The balcony: Outdoor space with boundaries

A balcony is a little piece of freedom outside your own four walls. However, this space also has to be shared with your neighbours. Conflicts of interest are practically a given, but they can be solved – as long as you stick to a few rules and use a healthy dose of common sense.

Garden party lighting: No light, no fun!

If you do not want to play „blind cow“ with your guests in the dark, make sure you have nice garden party lighting in time. Here are the most important tips.

Furniture for mini-balconies

Many balconies are small, which makes it difficult to fit them out with practical yet comfortable furniture. We show you how to fit out your small balcony with clever, space-saving solutions.

Seasonal flowers – What blooms in the spring

Spring flowers are all the flowers that start to grow beginning in the month of March. Sometimes the blooming time even starts in months when there is still snow in the garden. In addition, spring flowers often smell so intense, they attract pollinators. As spring draws near, it is time to think about the flowerbed design. We have some helpful tips in store that we would like to introduce to you.