Garden party lighting: No light, no fun!

If you do not want to play „blind cow“ with your guests in the dark, make sure you have nice garden party lighting in time. Here are the most important tips.

Garden party lighting is the alpha and omega when it comes to mood. It does not matter if the motto is rustic, romance or Bollywood. Soft light is suitable for this. When choosing light sources (candles, fire bowls, etc.), consider whether children will be present and what might be dangerous to them.

Garden party lighting? Less is more

Make a concept before you get to work. If your party has a motto, then you also should pick this up in the garden party lighting. Remember that less is often more. Light is needed especially where people sit together and where the food is (barbecue, buffet, etc.). Moreover, one should not skimp, but must use light sources generously. In addition, think about having one or two eye-catchers in the garden. This might be a particularly beautiful tree, the garden pond or a secluded corner. Last but not least, garden party lighting also serves safety (for example while walking). You can find more about planning garden parties in general in the summer newsletter of (Special: Garden Party Planning).

Garden party lighting: No light, no fun!
Fast, inexpensive and easy: rows of glasses on walls, ledges and tables in which tealights and grasses or single flowers alternate. Image © (CC BY-ND 3.0)

Lanterns and light bags for tables, ledges, stairs and low walls

Candles often are unstable and flammable. Therefore, lanterns are important components of garden party lighting. Instead of placing them individually, use them as a group or in a string. Yoghurt and other glasses (such as preserving jars) make good lanterns. In addition, they – with or without tealight - are inexpensive to buy, e.g. at Ikea, Interio or Mega-Möbel. Trendy are also light bags (for example from Flammea or Trendmarkt24). These are made of flame-retardant paper. But it still does not hurt to put the tealight in a glass before putting both into the bag. Maybe you should even put a layer of sand in the glass (or bag) before placing the tealight into it. Finally, at a garden party sometimes you have to expect wind, which could be a security risk with bags.

Garden party lighting: No light, no fun!
Living fire and stainless steel are „in.“ These stainless steel fire bowls are reminiscent of parrot tulips. They are atmospheric and thoroughly unusual. Image © (Ambiance)

Torches or lanterns as shining signposts through the garden

Lighting the garden path is not only nice, but also makes sense. After all, you do not want someone to stumble in the dark. As garden party lighting, torches or lanterns also are in demand. Torches are romantic, but carry a certain risk. Only use them outdoors and at a sufficient distance from trees, shrubs and other flammable objects. Be sure to fasten them securely to the ground. If children are among the guests, double care is required. Lanterns, however, are relatively easy. If you choose those that are completely protected by glass, the weather does not bother them too much (exceptions: continuous rain or strong wind).

Garden party lighting: No light, no fun!
With LED string lights and jars you can conjure wonderful decorations. Image © (CC BY-ND 3.0)

Lighting chains and tubes as well as LED lanterns for trees

With lighting chains and tubes, you can decorate trees, rose arches, fences and railings. LED lanterns also do well in trees. Special eye-catchers are lighting chains, in which the lamps are in the form of bulbs. Attention: Make sure the lighting chains and tubes as well as lanterns are really suitable for outdoor use. Tip: If you use LED in your garden party lighting, you spend a little more on your purchase, but you save electricity. Furthermore, LEDs have a longer life.

Moonlights and fire baskets with wow effect

If you need something really spectacular when it comes to garden party lighting, you can fall back on moonlights and fire baskets. Moonlight accent lamps can be used to accentuate flowerbeds or sitting areas, or use the floating variant to highlight the pool or pond. They are made of polyethylene, waterproof, UV-resistant and withstand temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees. Fire baskets, on the other hand, need space and should be placed where you can keep an eye on them. There are wonderful specimens made of stainless steel, and this enchanting flame magic also comes in the form of bags, balls, flowers and columns.