Keep your vacation home secure against burglary


Whether at home or abroad: Vacation homes are worthwhile targets for burglars because residents are often absent. It makes total sense to invest in keeping your vacation home secure while you are away. Today’s surveillance cameras even allow you to monitor your property remotely.

When homes are often uninhabited or in remote locations, burglars have all the time in the world to get down to business breaking into your home undisturbed. You, however, can protect your property effectively using solid mechanical security measures. Alarm systems scare burglars off, too, but they do not prevent burglaries; they just report them. This is why mechanical security measures such as doors, windows, shutters or safety grids have top priority when it comes to securing your property.

Roller shutters or folding grates: a sensitive issue

Normal roller shutters offer little protection if they cannot be locked when closed. They can simply be pushed up. In addition, they are usually made of less resistant material and can be ripped or broken out of the guide profiles with very little effort. A roller shutter that provides security against burglary is made of solid profiles, locks automatically when lowered and is stable enough to withstand mechanical attack. Foldable safety grilles made from extruded aluminum reinforced with rotary steel bars to prevent sawing provide even more security.

Stable windows, doors and locking systems provide security

Conventional doors and windows are easy to pry open. We therefore recommend that owners invest in increased security by either replacing or retrofitting them. Two-point locking or universal locking systems can increase safety on old doors and conventional windows can be outfitted with security fittings and bar locks. Rethink the closing system as well. There are good mechanical, mechatronic and electronic locking system products on the market.

Keep your vacation home secure against burglary
An alarm system increases security when the alarm is routed to an alarm center staffed around the clock. Picture ©

Remote monitoring via camera with motion detectors

Surveillance cameras with motion detectors offer many advantages in terms of safety and security. They monitor your property simply and easily 24/7, even if you are abroad. All you need is electricity, Internet access or a mobile phone connection. You will be notified through instant messaging and/or email as soon as your motion detectors in or on the property perceive any movement. If necessary, you will even get pictures of the potential burglary situation and, if the situation requires, you can alert the police.

Keep your vacation home secure against burglary
The discreet orange bar at the top right shows that this house is secured with an alarm system. Picture ©

Alarm systems deter and report burglaries immediately

An alarm system lets you monitor both the outside and inside of your property. The system will respond if someone breaks windows or doors to get inside if only the outer-shell monitoring is activated. However, if the burglar seeks his way via the windowpanes, the alarm won’t go off. Therefore, we recommend an alarm system that also protects the interior via motion detectors and light barriers. This type of system also detects any movement inside the property via infrared detectors and reacts accordingly. Of course, if you are present in the home, then you can activate just the outer-shell motion detector so that you can move about freely inside. Or you can protect the outer shell and particularly vulnerable interiors (e.g., bedroom and dressing room, office, conservatory). Important: In order to react immediately in case of an emergency, we recommend that your alarm system be connected to an alarm center that is staffed around the clock.

Store access aids and spare keys indoors

In many cases, burglars find their way to higher floors via outdoor ladders, tall trees or thick vines. Store ladders, tables and garbage cans indoors and regularly cut down trees and other plants that could help a person climb to a second story. For your own safety, do not keep spare keys outdoors (for example, under the door mat).

Maintaining contact with attentive neighbors or acquaintances living right nearby can be a big help, too. These can be of great help.