Tips on Living with Pets

The most beautiful home feeling comes from sharing your home with those you love. This includes animals. These furnishing tips show you how living with cats and dogs can be relaxed, practical and stylish. 


Place to live

Even animals need space to live. The little basket in the far corner is not enough for a dog or cat to be happy. They want to play, enjoy the view and rest where it is most comfortable. The quote, "If you want to sit on the most beautiful place in the house then you have to chase the dog away" says a lot about the behavior of living quadrupeds. Give your animal friends the places they love, because you want them to be happy. Window seats are of great importance. Dogs and cats want to see something of the world. Window sills, high seats as well as places on the balcony or terrace are there for that reason. A retreat area is also important. So many animals only come to rest when they feel protected. Such a place is a basket behind curtains, a nest under the bed or a small dog or cat house.



If you share your home, then tolerance is part of it. Hair, dirt and animal odors are simply involved in keeping dogs and cats. You can do a little by laying blankets and skins on the furniture and washing and changing them regularly. Also, beds and baskets for animals often need fresh linen and pillowcases. Regular airing and natural, discreet room fragrances that absorb odors and not just perfume help. Also have a small reception desk at the entrance. If you have cloths and washcloths ready there, you can catch the coarsest dirt after a dog walk.


Its all about Style

Living with animals does not necessarily mean fuzzy old wool blankets, discolored holey terry towels or kitschy animal accessories. Choose pretty blankets, pillows and baskets that fit the style of your home. The more beautiful the things you choose for your pet, the easier they are to integrate into the decor. Toys are best collected in a basket. Food bowls and cans are, if the color and form are correct, noble home accessories. There are now also chic cat scratching trees, with which it is nice to live. Incidentally, carpets are not only beautiful home-decorators but also popular and attractive playgrounds for four-legged friends. This is because carpets are better for romping than parquet or stone floors - they also protect your pet from slipping and dampen noises.