Working from home: how to organise your day

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, ever more companies have been asking their employees to work from home. A lot of people imagine that it will be more straightforward than it actually is. In reality, people who work from home on a regular basis often feel isolated. Here are eight top tips to make your working day at home a success.

Information on coronavirus

The current situation in terms of the spread of coronavirus is having a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. We have put together a few recommendations on how to go about looking for a new home and moving house.

Salary and housing costs

You finally have your own home! It’s a dream come true, but are housing costs included in the budget? Before looking for your own place, it is important to take a closer look at certain costs and make a more specific budget. Insurance, housing costs and taxes often account for the largest part of outgoings. How high should the rent be in relation to salary to ensure there is money for more than spaghetti at the end of the month?

The smartest irrigation systems

Summer, sun and holidays in sight: We reveal which irrigation systems are particularly smart and how to "harden" plants for the warm season.

Residence for Seniors or a Nursing Home? Tips

Those who move into a comfortable residence for seniors and enjoy life do it relatively early in their lives, whereas those moving into a nursing home put it off as long as possible. One way or another: you need to deal with this issue as early as possible. Those in the know benefit!

Vacation! Who takes care of your apartment?

Anyone planning a vacation trip certainly has to make traveling preparations in advance. Part of that planning includes making sure that everything to do with your apartment or home is taken care of properly while you are gone. There are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Which municipality in the canton Aargau suits me?

The canton of Aargau has a lot to offer – in addition to many family-friendly municipalities, it is also at the forefront in terms of cultural activities. Good transport links to Zurich and lower property prices make the canton very attractive. But what’s the best place to live in Aargau? We take a close look at the three municipalities of Wettingen, Aarau and Baden, and compare them.

Keep your vacation home secure against burglary

Whether at home or abroad: Vacation homes are worthwhile targets for burglars because residents are often absent. It makes total sense to invest in keeping your vacation home secure while you are away. Today’s surveillance cameras even allow you to monitor your property remotely.

This is how I secure my house during winter times

At the beginning of winter, the days are shorter and it is dark longer. Ideal conditions for long-fingered, unnoticed persons to gain access to foreign apartments. This article describes how to protect yourself from burglars in winter time.

Living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland

Vaud and Geneva offer an outstanding quality of life that draws many Swiss people and expats to both cantons. Although the two major cities and cantonal capitals, Lausanne and Geneva, are remarkably lively and dynamic, other municipalities are just as appealing and offer stunning locations close to Lake Geneva. Here are a few with a great deal to recommend them.

Tips on Living with Pets

The most beautiful home feeling comes from sharing your home with those you love. This includes animals. These furnishing tips show you how living with cats and dogs can be relaxed, practical and stylish. 

In Switzerland, community aid is booming

A few ‘soft’ factors have a huge impact on people’s living situations and quality of life, such as do the neighbours know each other? This year, the importance of community aid and voluntary work has drastically increased.