It happens every year – spring cleaning!

Winter is over and the first warm sun rays are streaming through the window. Unfortunately, even the brightest sun beams are only half as enjoyable when the view of the spring-like world is clouded by dirty windowpanes. Suddenly, you realize: Spring cleaning is due! But you don’t have to worry! We will you how to handle spring cleaning efficiently and quickly.

It happens every year – spring cleaning!

Make an action plan

So that cleaning is not a scare without end, you should work out a plan of what you want to tackle and when. The rule is: Keep it short and sweet! Avoid a weekend cleaning action that goes on for hours. Rather, do small sessions of two hours a day. These can be accomplished easily and you will have enough energy and motivation to keep going the next day. Also, make sure you have enough cleaning supplies on hand before tackling it all. Best are organic and biodegradable products or home remedies such as vinegar, lemon juice or salt. Turn up the radio with your favorite station and get started!

What should not be missing on your to-do list:

• Clean windows
• Wash curtains
• Clean refrigerator, defrost freezer compartment
• Organize cabinets
• Wash and store winter clothes
• Decalsify limescale
• Prepare the garden terrace or balcony for spring


Clean windows, etc.

The best way to clean windows is to use a microfibre cloth and hot water on the outside and inside. If heavily soiled, you can add a dash of detergent to the water. Then dry the windows with a window squeegee. Window cleaning also includes washing all curtains.


Tidy mess efficiently

Get rid of mess: Put your winter clothes in the basement or other storage area so that you immediately have more space in the closet or wardrobe. Also, give clothes you did not wear last year to the clothing drive. Say goodbye to annoying clothes moths: If you vacuum cracks and unused shelves and dry them with hot air, moth eggs will be killed efficiently. Cedar or lavender sachets, for example, offer protection against new, voracious moths.


Designate a system for the cupboard

Stow garments that you like and wear often so they are easy to reach - ideally at eye level. Sorting by type, color or season makes the wardrobe manageable, simply looks nicer and facilitates clearing away freshly laundered clothing.


Fight against limescale!

Hard to very hard water in Swiss households is a reason for thoroughly decalcifying electrical appliances, faucets, shower heads, toothbrush glasses, etc. Avoid purchasing special cleaners that are often expensive and made with questionable ingredients. Use natural cleaning agents such as a cleansing polish. The white solid paste contains high-quality polishing bodies of natural origin that you can apply with a sponge to clean fittings, shower, shower heads, toothbrush glasses, bath, sink, stove, pots, pans, sinks, oven and baking trays. After cleaning, rinse the sponge well and let the paste dry before closing the container. For very stubborn soiling, citric acid or vinegar is recommended.

For cleaning electrical appliances, better professional decalcifiers should be used. These remove the limescale thoroughly, protect the materials and are odorless. A welcome side effect is they work faster than vinegar or citric acid and you're done faster.


Tackle together

Shared suffering is half suffering - this also applies to the spring cleaning! Work together with your family or roommates. Think about who is good at what and distribute the tasks. Even children can take on smaller cleaning work. After work, reward yourself with a visit to the cinema, a fine meal or a trip in nature; that‘s motivating! When you return home, you can enjoy your clean and fresh-smelling home. In addition, the view through the sparkling and streak-free windows is clear once again and you can enjoy the beginning of spring to the fullest.