Tidying and cleaning


Cleaning floors: how, when and with what

Cleaning floors properly doesn’t mean just giving them a quick wipe. But you don’t have to work magic, as long as you know how different kinds of floors need to be cleaned, and when you need to exercise caution in your fight against dirt.

Detox for the apartment

At the beginning of the year there is a big diet wave. Cleanse, purify, a little fitness - this also applies to the apartment. These ideas help with this.

How to prevent and tackle clogged drains

When a drainpipe starts gurgling and bubbling, the water no longer drains away or a nasty odour rises from the drain, it quickly becomes clear that the drain is clogged again. This happens when residue from hair, soap and shower gel builds up in the pipes, meaning that the water can no longer drain away. While a clogged drain such as this is annoying, you can normally remedy the problem with a few simple steps and the right cleaning utensils.  

It happens every year – spring cleaning!

Winter is over and the first warm sun rays are streaming through the window. Unfortunately, even the brightest sun beams are only half as enjoyable when the view of the spring-like world is clouded by dirty windowpanes. Suddenly, you realize: Spring cleaning is due!

How to remove stubborn limescale stains

Limescale stains do not look pretty and damage taps, sinks and shower walls. This post tells you everything you need to know about removing limescale.

How to seperate yourself from old things

Has another year gone by in which you have bought a bunch of new things? Does the closet get a little bit fuller every year, is the dresser more crowded, does the basement feel more and more like a store room? Then the question arises: "Do I really need all this?" But how does one proceed to create lasting order? And where do the old things go? We show you how to tackle tidying up.

Pure Cleaning without chemicals

One thing is universally true – cleaning is a tedious task that nobody wants to spend time on. All too often, we grab the first cleaning product we see that promises a sparkling result, without thinking about our choice for more than a few seconds. But chemical cleaning products are bad for your health and damage the environment – so is it time that we considered natural alternatives?

What do washing symbols actually mean?

Do washing symbols sometimes appear incomprehensible? We explain the most important signs and what else you have to consider.