Apartment handover

When handing over an apartment to the landlord, disagreements or even disputes might arise. In such a case it's recommended you call in the help of an arbitrator from the community or a representative of a tenants' association.

To avoid such disagreements, you should bring along to the handover the initial inventory and condition report prepared when you moved in. In this way both you and the landlord can easily establish which defects already existed in the apartment when you moved in.

Service life table

Prior to the apartment handover, it can be helpful to consult a service life table. In this way you have an overview of the service life of the most important appliances and systems in the apartment.

The basic principle is that damage within the scope of «normal wear and tear» must not be taken care of by the tenant. The tenant is liable only for damage which arises through negligent use of the rental property. Such things include, for example, doors and walls scratched up by pets.

Take preventative measures

In a brand new apartment you should also take preventative measures immediately and prepare a detailed incoming inventory and condition report which lists every defect.