Great tips - for a sparkling neat final cleaning


Many a tenant dreads the thought of final cleaning, also known as end-of-tenancy cleaning. In fact, cleaning your old apartment is part and parcel of the moving process. But how thoroughly do you need to clean the apartment? We’ve compiled a list of the most important cleaning tips for you.

What needs to be cleaned for the apartment handover? 

When it comes to cleaning, in the first instance the law and local customs and/or the tenancy agreements are the determining factors. In some places, for instance, it’s customary to hand over an apartment or business premises in a well-swept condition. Demolition or conversion properties, where the workmen come directly after the tenant has moved out, can usually also be handed over in a swept-clean state.

But you don’t need pages to describe how much cleaning you need to do. Your apartment should just be clean – end of story. ‘Clean’ is a relative term that’s interpreted differently depending on the landlord’s attitude. It may well be that the landlord’s expectations are too high in individual cases.


On this checklist you will find all the points that need to be considered:
Checklist for removal cleaning

Tips for cleaning before handing over the apartment 

But you shouldn’t have any problems on handover if you follow our apartment-cleaning tips. We’ve put together some handy hints for you to help you stay on top of things while cleaning.

Cleaning tips 

If you don’t want to clean the apartment yourself, then call in the professionals for end-of-tenancy cleaning with an acceptance guarantee 

If cleaning your apartment is too much, you can have it cleaned by a professional cleaning company. That way, you can concentrate on the other aspects of moving and rest assured that the kitchen, windows and blinds will be sparkling clean when you hand the apartment over. 

A cleaning company’s end-of-tenancy cleaning service includes:

  • Kitchen (oven, steam extractors, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Blinds, window frames, window panes, etc. 
  • Balcony, terrace or seating area 
  • Bathrooms (including descaling and disinfecting sanitary facilities)
  • Generally, all the floors, heating system, door handles and secondary rooms (e.g. the attic or basement)

How much does professional apartment cleaning cost? 

The cost of professional apartment cleaning depends entirely on the state of cleanliness and the size of your apartment. The more time-consuming areas that have to be cleaned, such as the bathroom, window frames or blinds, the more it will cost. You can generally expect cleaning costs in Switzerland to start at CHF 500. 

Finding cleaning companies online is a breeze. Be sure to do your research early on to get a feel for prices and get quotes to compare if necessary. 

Are you ready for the final clean? Grab your cleaning supplies and let’s get started!