Rebranding for our anniversary

Homegate opens up a world of possibilities

Rebranding for our anniversary

As of now, Homegate has a whole new look: even after 20 years, we still feel young and dynamic, so for our anniversary we’ve given ourselves a fresh lick of paint.

We’re celebrating our anniversary! In March 2021, Homegate is 20 years old. A fair bit has happened within the company and on the platform since we were founded. When we looked back on the last few years, we had to admit that our external appearance no longer lived up to our internal values – at 20 years old, we feel younger, more dynamic and more innovative than ever. By contrast, our appearance has become a little outdated.

So we decided it was time to make the changes and developments that have occurred internally visible on the outside. And what better way to do that than by rebranding? After a series of experiments with fresh colours and shapes, Homegate’s new look is now complete and reflects the dynamism of our platform in totally different tones. As of now, our brand colour is no longer red, but multi-coloured. The different colours represent innovation, optimism and diversity – the same values that we represent as a company.

An open box full of opportunities


Our rebrand also means we’ve made space for a new logo. From now on, the Homegate logo is made up of five coloured squares. If you folded these five surfaces, the logo would form an open box. This visual element has great significance for Homegate:

an open box symbolises new opportunities, ideas and possibilities. The image fits in perfectly with the character of Homegate. As a digital property marketplace, Homegate, with its range of apartments and houses, not only offers the possibility of a new home, but gives every individual the chance to embark on a new life.

In light of this, the new logo makes Homegate fresher, more dynamic and approachable to everyone looking for their own new home.

Our new logo


The new Homegate logo features the colours pink, purple, magenta, blue and orange – a palette of colours that not only reinvigorates Homegate’s look, but can also be combined in different ways in our design. At Homegate, every individual finds their very own colourful box of options, which adapt to suit their own wishes and requirements. For our logo, we are using the serif typeface Nexa Slab Bold, combining it with our new colours and a modern design. In doing so, we show that we are proud of what we have achieved up to now, and at the same time look forward to a colourful and promising future.

Pictures that tell stories


The visual world of Homegate also sees a new focus on people and their stories. The protagonists are people inside or outside their own four walls. They all have a personal story to tell from their individual life situation. Just like our users.

New branding campaign

The launch of our new brand identity is accompanied by a new branding campaign. With the claim ‘Let the right property find you. Switzerland’s smartest property search.’, Homegate shows how easy house hunting is thanks to the platform’s various features. Free search alerts, tailored recommendations, super-fast notifications of new adverts and a user-friendly mobile app make the property search a breeze.

A journey through the past 20 years

A lot has changed since we were founded in 2001. Just a year later, our website was reaching over 70,000 users. Three years after that, our family grew to include two new members, as Tamedia and Edipresse joined Homegate as shareholders.

Over the years, one development followed another: we introduced our first mobile app, refreshed our website and launched an online mortgage together with Zürcher Kantonalbank in 2013. In 2014, we acquired the property portal, and soon afterwards in 2015, also came on board.

The following years were shaped by exciting product developments, an emotional branding campaign and some great internal hackathons. In 2018, we registered over 100,000 properties on our platform for the first time.

Since then, we have developed into the leading digital company on the Swiss property market and Switzerland’s largest real estate portal with more than 9 million visits per month.

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