Types of real estate in Switzerland


Apartment building

Nowadays, there are various opportunities to achieve your living space dreams. While one person moves into a single-family home, another chooses life in an apartment building. In addition to this, you can also choose between row houses, duplexs and semi-detached homes.

Maisonette apartment

Translated literally, maisonette means small house. On account of the spacious openness and the free lifestyle, living in a maisonette, also known as a gallery apartment, is just like living in a small house.

The single-family home

We all have our own very personal idea of what a single-family home is. But what actually is a single-family home? These days really only one requirement has to be met: The house can only comprise one residential unit.


We will point out what you should carefully consider when purchasing your own apartment and what mistakes to avoid making.

Loft apartment

The fact is: Living in converted factory buildings is more popular than ever before. But why is that?

Attic apartment

An attic apartment, also called a penthouse, is the term given to a free-standing apartment built onto the roof of a multi-story or high-rise building.