Five steps to a new flat

New flat in five steps

Looking for a new flat? We show you how to get one in just five steps.

By Gergina Hristova

Finding a new, attractive and affordable flat doesn't have to be an impossible task. We help you clarify your needs before you start looking. If you take your budget and your requirements for a new home into consideration first, then you can set out on your search with clear ideas about what's right for you.

Straight to your goal

The search for interesting rental listings on is child's play, and fun! Many interesting listings with corresponding photos attract your attention.

Don't lose your head

So that you don't get overwhelmed while viewing flats, we give you some fundamental tips and put a detailed checklist at your disposal.

The right way to apply

When you find the right flat, it requires full input to guarantee that you get it. We show you the best way to proceed under «The right way to apply».

Signing the rental agreement

Finally, the rental agreement must be read carefully, with a magnifying glass, as they say. What to watch out for can be found in the article «Signing the rental agreement».

SwissCaution: your rental guarantee with a bonus!

SwissCaution: your rental guarantee with a bonus!

Would you like to reinforce your rental application for your landlord or real estate agency, or are you ready to apply for a rent guarantee? Don't worry, we're here for you!

The right insurance

The right insurance

It is worth considering your insurance situation when moving. La Mobilière knows all about it.

Moving help

Moving help

Enjoy a more relaxed relocation. Get a free moving and cleaning quote.