Collections Report


When applying for a home, you are often asked to attach a collections report. With debt collection information, the landlord wants to ensure that the potential future tenant can pay the agreed rent on time.

What is a collections report?

A collections report provides information about a person’s solvency. It shows if there have been any debt collections in the past and whether they are still pending or already settled . If there have been seizures or loss certificates, this is also evident in the collections report.

Why is a collections report needed?

When looking for an apartment, an excerpt from the debt collection register is often required to verify the potential tenant's contractual obligations. The landlord wants to assess whether the potential tenant is able to pay the rent on time.

In addition to the search for an apartment, an excerpt must often be attached for the following additional occasions:

  • Job searching
  • Loan applications
  • Large orders on credit
  • Applications for credit or debit cards

Where can I get my collections report?

You can request a collections report from the responsible debt enforcement office of your place of residence. An excerpt usually costs 17 francs and can only be requested in writing or in person. An exchange of information per telephone is not allowed, because your identity cannot be verified that way.

Order a collections report online

Collections report

Collections report

Get a debt collection statement in a few days for the exclusive price of CHF 29.00.

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