Debt collection excerpts in Switzerland


In Switzerland, an excerpt from the debt collection register provides important proof of your financial reliability and solvency. For major financial or legal transactions, such as an apartment application, you may be required to submit a debt collection excerpt.

What is a debt collection excerpt?

A debt collection excerpt is a document that provides information about your solvency and lists all debt enforcement proceedings initiated against you in the last five years. The excerpt contains information on each debt collection process, such as the amount, date, creditor and current status of the proceedings. Entries are automatically deleted five years after the conclusion of the debt collection proceedings.

When is a debt collection excerpt required?

  • Housing applications: Landlords require a debt collection excerpt to ensure that you have paid your bills in the past and can therefore reliably cover the rent.
  • Loan applications or car leasing: Banks and leasing companies need the excerpt to check your creditworthiness.
  • Naturalisation process in Switzerland: The excerpt may be requested as part of the naturalisation process in order to assess your financial situation.

Apartment applications and the debt collection excerpt

A debt collection excerpt is an essential part of finding accommodation in Switzerland. Many landlords see it as an important indicator of your reliability and solvency.

Why is the debt collection excerpt important?

Landlords want to ensure that their future tenants are reliable and that they make their rent payments on time. The debt collection excerpt provides an overview of your financial reliability and helps landlords make an informed decision about your application. If your excerpt from the debt collection register does not contain any outstanding debt enforcement proceedings, this will have a positive effect on your apartment application.

What can I do if I have an entry in the debt collection register?

It’s important to be transparent with potential landlords and provide a plausible explanation for any entries. Maybe you had financial difficulties in the past that have now been resolved. Submit records that show you have paid off your debts or other evidence that proves your current financial stability. You could also offer a guarantor or a higher deposit to alleviate the landlord’s concerns.

How can I use my debt collection excerpt in my apartment search?

Order a debt collection excerpt in good time before you start looking for an apartment. But watch out: the excerpt needs to be no older than three months. Check the excerpt for accuracy and clarify any problems with the debt enforcement office. As soon as you have a correct debt collection excerpt, you can add it to your application documents for the desired apartment.

How do I order a debt collection excerpt?

  • Ordering your own excerpt: You can order a debt collection excerpt from the relevant debt enforcement office in your municipality by showing a copy of your identity document.
  • Ordering for someone else: You can also order a debt collection excerpt on behalf of someone else if you show a power of attorney signed by that person and a copy of their identity document. It is possible to order someone else’s excerpt without their consent if you can prove a legitimate interest, such as renting out an apartment or granting a loan.
  • Ways to order: You can order the excerpt online using the relevant form or in person at the desk of the relevant debt enforcement office.

You can also order the debt collection excerpt conveniently via Homegate and receive the document within just one or two working days.


A debt collection excerpt usually costs CHF 17 plus postage. Depending on the order method and delivery type, additional charges may apply.

Deletion of entries

Entries in the debt collection register are automatically deleted five years after the conclusion of the debt collection proceedings. If you have paid the debt in question or you have managed to reach an agreement with your creditors, you can also request early deletion of the entry. In certain cases, you can also request that a debt collection process be omitted from the extract. For example, if you have filed an objection and the creditor hasn’t responded within three months. You can then submit a request to the relevant debt enforcement office to exclude that debt collection process.


The debt collection excerpt is an important document in Swiss society that reflects your solvency and financial reliability. We recommend that you look into your debt collection excerpt in good time and make sure that all entries are correct.

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