Renting real estate

Would you like to rent out your house or condo? With the right preparations you can find a suitable tenant.

Finding a tenant for your real estate generally takes place faster than selling property, but of course this depends on the property and the location. Even so, you should include enough time in your plans and start 2 to 3 months before the target date.

Rental price

A decisive factor in a rental can be the monthly rent to be paid. As a guideline, you can use figures issued by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office concerning rental prices by number of rooms and region (in German). In addition, as a landlord, you should check if the potential tenant is able to pay the listed monthly rent.

Finding a tenant

You can advertise your real estate at simply and quickly. With its 5 million visits each month, you make your ad accessible to many interested parties. We have gathered the most important tips for advertising on for you.

Apartment handover

Carefully prepare the real estate before handing it over to a new tenant. Should the apartment or house be cleaned once again? Is there still painting to be done, repairs to complete? Prepare the inventory and condition report early, and get all the keys ready for the new tenant.