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CHF 4,000.– / month
680m² floor space
Via Cantonale 21, 6855 Stabio


Capannone – Magazzino - Deposito con altezza interna di m 4.20, facilmente accessibile anche da piccoli autocarri/furgoni tramite il grande portone d'ingresso. E' costituito da un ampio spazio interno principale di 310 mq, locali deposito di 125 mq, ufficio e sala riunioni con aria condizionata di 45 mq, rifugio e bagni al PT di 35 mq, spogliatoio e mensa per dipendenti al P1 di 35 mq. Vi è inoltre un’area esterna recintata e parzialmente coperta di mq 130. Nella pigione indicata sono compresi quattro posti auto esterni privati. Ubicazione comodissima, adiacente alla strada cantonale, a 500 mt dalla Stazione Ferrovaria e nei pressi dell’ingresso autostradale. Riscaldamento e luce a carico del conduttore. Disponibile subito.Pigione: CHF/mese 4'000 compresi 4 parcheggi esterni.***************Shed - Warehouse – Deposit with large access door and internal height of m 4.20 . It’s composed by large central warehouse of 310 sqm, storage rooms of 125 sqm, office & meeting room of 45 sqm, bunker and bathroom of 35 sqm on ground floor, locker room and canteen for employees on 1st floor of 35 sqm. There’s also a fenced and partially covered outdoor area of ​​approx sqm 130. In the rental price are included four private parkings.Convenient location adjacent to the Cantonal Road, located at 500 m from the Railway Station and near the motorway entrance. Electricity and heating costs to be paid by the Tenant. Immediately available.

Additional information


Acquarossa has recorded population growth of 0.99%, to 1,831 inhabitants, over the past 3 years.

Demographic data

The average yearly income is CHF 53,040.

Of the population, 11.93% have a university degree, 12.65% have completed higher vocational education, 52.09% have an SEK II qualification (school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship) and 23.27% of residents are currently completing compulsory schooling.

The residential area is highly regarded due to its high social standards and educated population.

Approximately 0.87% of the population is presently unemployed.


The overall tax rate is 12.27%. This differs from person to person and depends on income, marital status and the amount of deductions, among other factors.

In Acquarossa, childless, single people pay an average of 18.08% tax, a retired, married couple pays 16.67%, a couple with two children pays 6.98% and a couple with no children pays 10.84%.

Summary of the property market

New buildings

The housing stock in Acquarossa has increased by 38 apartments in the last 5 years.

3 of the newly constructed apartments are 1-room apartments, which are particularly suitable for singles.

A total of 10 new 2-room apartments have also been built.

6 new apartments with 3 rooms and 5 apartments with 4 rooms were additionally constructed in the region.

The newly built accommodation includes 5 5-room apartments and 9 apartments with 6 or more rooms.

Housing stock

The new construction has contributed to an additional increase in the housing supply, and there are now 2,287 apartments in Acquarossa.

The total number of 1-room apartments is 44.

In addition, there are 423 apartments with 2 rooms, 873 apartments with 3 rooms and 580 apartments with a full 4 rooms.

Finally, the supply of 5-room properties comprises 197 apartments, and there are also 170 large apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Empty apartments

The rate of apartment vacancies in Acquarossa is 0.53%.

Consequently, 2.27% of the 1-room apartments,

0.71% of apartments with 2 rooms,

0.23% of all 3-room apartments,

0.87% of the 4-room apartments

and 0.51% of apartments with 5 rooms are currently vacant.

The vacancy rate for 6-room apartments is 0.27%.

Property market (rental only)

An average of CHF 1,277 is needed to rent a flat.

In terms of the rents on the market, a quarter of them are equivalent to or lower than a monthly rent of CHF 685.

Monthly rents are less than CHF 1,330 (75th percentile), or they are equal to this average price.