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CHF 38,500.–
3953 Varen

3 garages box à vendre à 1 km au-dessus de Varen

Sur la commune de Varen, dans le domaine de vacances Taschonieren, 3 garages box à vendre, soit en lot au individuellement.Descriptif: Garage-box indépendant avec place de parc extérieur d'une profondeur de 6 x 3 x 2,5 m. Chaque garage est indépendant, mais participe aux frais de déblaiement des neiges. Possibilités d'installation électrique avec compteur individuel. Dimensions: longueur 6 m - largeur 3 m - hauteur 2,5 mDimensions intérieure: profondeur 5,5 m - largeur 2,62 m - hauteur 2,12 m Les garages sont vendus en lots ou par unités.CHF 38'500.- par garage box.N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour un dossier complet ou une visite sur place.In der Gemeinde Varen, im Ferienort Taschonieren, 3 Garagenboxen zu verkaufen oder per Einheit.Beschreibung: Unabhängige Garagenbox mit Aussenstellplatz mit einer Tiefe von ca. 5,50 m. Jede Garage ist unabhängig, beteiligt sich aber an den Kosten der Schneeräumung. Möglichkeit der Elektroinstallation mit individuellem Zähler. Die Garagen werden in Losen oder nach Einheiten verkauft.CHF 38.500 pro Garagenbox.Zögern Sie nicht, mich für eine vollständige Datei oder einen Besuch vor Ort zu kontaktieren.In the municipality of Varen, in the holiday resort Taschonieren, 3 garage boxes for sale, either individually or in lots.Description: Independent garage-box with outside parking space of about 5.50 m depth. Each garage is independent, but participates in the costs of snow removal. Possibility of electrical installation with individual meter. The garages are sold in lots or by units.CHF 38,500 per garage box.Do not hesitate to contact me for a complete file or a visit on site.

Additional information


The population of Ayent has grown to 4,247 in the last 3 years. This amounts to a population increase of 3.74%.

Demographic data

Average income is CHF 50,375.

14.66%% of the population have a university degree, 11.83% have completed higher vocational education, 48.68% of the population have an SEK II qualification (school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship) and 24.83% of residents are currently enrolled in compulsory schooling.

This means the region has high social standards and an educated population.

The overall unemployment rate is 1.44%.


13.94% is the rate of taxation in the region. However, the individual tax burden varies from person to person and is determined by income, marital status and the amount of deductions, among other factors.

The tax burden for an unmarried person with no children in Ayent is 21.19%. On average, a married couple on a pension (over 65) pays 18.93%, a married couple with two children 7.68% and a couple with no children 12.78%%.

The overall property market

New buildings

Additional housing has been built in Ayent over the past 5 years. For example, 175 new apartments have been constructed.

One-room apartments account for 5 of the newly constructed apartments – perfect for people living alone.

There are also a total of 17 new 2-room apartments.

Living space for families has also been created: For example, 24 apartments with 3 rooms and 60 4-room apartments were added to the pool of housing available locally.

The available housing stock was also expanded to include 49 5-room apartments and 20 apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms.

In view of the large number of spacious apartments in Ayent, it is certainly an attractive place for families to live.

Housing stock

Due to new construction, the housing stock in Ayent has increased, and there are now a total of 4,179 apartments.

There are 455 1-room apartments available on the housing market.

The total number of properties comes to 578 apartments with 2 rooms, 1,093 apartments with 3 rooms and 1,154 apartments with 4 rooms.

There are 619 5-room apartments and 280 large apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms.

Unoccupied apartments

The rate of vacant apartments in Ayent is 0.48%.

Of this total, 0.87% of the apartments with 2 rooms,

0.55% of apartments with 3 rooms,

0.52% of 4-room apartments

and 0.49% of apartments with 5 rooms are currently uninhabited.

The rate of vacancy for apartments with 6 rooms is 0.34%.

Housing market (letting only)

Rental properties are offered at average rental prices of about CHF 1,120 per month.

This means that 25% of all rents on the market are cheaper than or equal to a monthly rent of CHF 850 (25th percentile).

Monthly rents are below CHF 1,350 (75th percentile), or they are equivalent to this average price.