Detached single-family house

The detached house with property around it is, as before, the most popular form of residential property. It offers plenty of freedom and independence in designing your lifestyle.

This, however, comes at a healthy price, not the least because of the cost of the land, which can make up to 50 per cent of the total price.


  • A detached single-family house offers a great deal of freedom and considerable independence. You have sole access to the property and buildings and are free to realize your ideas during construction (and renovations).
  • You are undisturbed and have little source of friction with neighbours.
  • You can benefit from a good increase in value.
  • Generally there are no problems selling a detached house.


  • A detached single-family house can become very expensive above all because of the purchase of land. The average detached house needs up to 400 m² of property.
  • Expect comparatively high additional expenses (e.g. heating costs because of four exterior walls) except if you build according to the Minergie standard. But in that case your costs during construction are higher.
  • As you get older, a detached house can become a burden, for example, because of climbing stairs or the physical exertion associated with maintenance of the house and garden.

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