Semi-detached house

Semi-detached houses offer similar convenience and comfort as a detached single-family house although construction and maintenance costs can be reduced thanks to the smaller requirement for land and a common infrastructure.

However, you'll have to make some compromises because you live in relatively close contact to your neighbour.


  • With only one neighbour, a semi-detached house offers almost as much individuality as a detached single-family house, above all when the sitting areas in the garden are widely separated.
  • The construction and maintenance costs are lower than for detached houses thanks to a reduced requirement for land and due to common installations (e.g., the heating system).
  • In a good location, resale is relative problem free.


  • Having just a single neighbour can be problematic if you don't get along well with each other.
  • Because two parties live in the same building, you have less freedom in the design of the floor plan, and in some circumstances you must make compromises.
  • A semi-detached house must also be maintained. This type of residential property has limited suitability for those of an advanced age.

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