Designing your bathroom: our ten tips


Bathrooms have long been more than just functional washrooms. These days, people want their bathroom to be a place of comfort where they can enjoy spending time and relax. Even if their bathroom is already a few years old and no longer that modern. We've got some tips on how to plan and decorate your bathroom in order to transform it into your own little wellness oasis.

Tip 1: Decide on a colour scheme

This actually applies to every room in your home: matching colours create a stylish atmosphere and lend the décor an elegant look. In a bathroom, which is often already a certain colour, it is all the more important to ensure that the décor, bathroom suite and accessories match. For this reason, the first step should be to decide on a colour scheme for your bathroom. Take a close look at the existing fixtures and fittings. What colour and pattern are the tiles? What colour are the sink, shower, bath and taps? And what colour are the walls?

Choose two or three colours that go well with these existing shades. Natural colours are always a good idea in the bathroom: beige, brown or grey look homely and smart and are a good match for many colours and patterns. If your bathroom is already a natural earthy colour, you can also add contrast, with a soft pink, for instance. Light colours that make the room look bigger are particularly suitable for small bathrooms.

A good idea for retro features from the 70s and 80s: if your bathroom tiles are brown, green or blue, you can combine them with light grey and create accents with black details.

Once you have chosen the colours for your bathroom, you should select all the accessories and décor to match this scheme. Also consider whether you want to paint one of the walls or whether they should all remain white.

Designing your bathroom: our ten tips

Tip 2: Choose materials

Not only should the colours in your bathroom match, the materials should also be coordinated. Natural materials such as wood, wicker, stone and linen look particularly smart and homely in a bathroom. You can also use a combination of them, but avoid anything that is too gaudy or too colourful. Your choice of materials should not only be based on the décor and accessories, by the way. It can also be inspired by the bathroom suite. A wooden cabinet under the sink creates warmth and looks smart. Hanging towels on a wooden ladder leaning against the wall is a nice idea – practical and extremely trendy!

Tip 3: Textiles create comfort

Of course, not everyone is a fan of bath mats. Generally, however, textiles create a homely, comfortable atmosphere. Your feet will welcome their soft, warm touch when stepping out of the shower. And what could be nicer than wrapping yourself in a large cosy towel when getting out of the bath? Bathroom rugs are also available in beautiful, modern designs, just take a look around. Hammam towels can also help you create a spa atmosphere. And keep you warm and cosy!

Tip 4: Keep it neat and tidy

Relax and unwind, recharge your batteries and treat your body and soul: there is no need to visit a spa for this, you can do it all in your own bathroom – provided it is harmoniously designed and everything is neat and tidy. Regardless of whether your bathroom is large or small, avoid too much clutter and make sure that everything is neatly put away. It is best to store your toiletries in cabinets that can be closed so you'll no longer be looking at full shelves. Towels should be folded neatly and evenly. Wipe the sink and shower taps with a dry cloth after use. This will only take a minute and will prevent ugly limescale stains.

Tip 5: High-quality containers

Do colourful shampoo and shower gel bottles from the supermarket line the edge of your bath? Then you are not alone, but there are so many more attractive solutions. Simply decant your shampoo, shower gel and liquid soap into smart dispensers. Bottles with an old-fashioned apothecary look are currently all the rage: brown glass with a black or white dispensing pump. You can attach these to stylish brackets directly on the shower wall (with no need for drilling). You have now removed the clutter on the edge of the bath and added a trendy, high-quality finishing touch. And you can also use attractive containers in your cabinets: instead of leaving cotton buds, cleansing pads and toiletries in torn cardboard boxes, simply transfer them into stylish glass containers or small baskets. Every time you open your cabinet, you are guaranteed to be delighted to find it neat and tidy!

Tip 6: Bathroom accessories in a uniform colour and style

Some things naturally belong together. Which is why they should be coordinated. Waste bins, toilet brushes, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers are all available in lovely, modern sets in uniform colours and styles. Maybe you also need to replace the toilet roll holder in your bathroom? Then choose one that matches the pedal bin and toilet brush.

Designing your bathroom: our ten tips

Tip 7: Candles, pictures, vases

It is all about the details! Of course, you should avoid overloading your bathroom with knick-knacks. But one or two accessories create a stylish, homely atmosphere and will give your bathroom an inviting feel. Candles are the classic choice when you want to relax in the bath, of course. Pretty little vases with dried flowers add trendy accents. And you can also use pictures to brighten up your bathroom. Hang three pictures in different sizes on the wall above the toilet or bath, for example. This will instantly lend your bathroom a highly personal touch.

Tip 8: Plants

Don’t be afraid of plants! They add a vibrant splash of green to the room. As bathrooms are extremely humid, they are the ideal place for tropical plants such as ferns or orchids, for example.

Tip 9: Remember the importance of fragrance

Enjoy a multisensory experience in your wellness oasis. Scent is very important here. If you don’t already have a favourite room fragrance, you will probably have to experiment a little. Essential oils, scented candles and air fresheners are suitable for bathrooms. But your favourite perfume that you apply in the morning and whose scent lingers in the air will also work.

Tip 10: Rain shower head

You don’t have to completely renovate your bathroom to create a feeling of wellness. Simply replace your shower head with one that has additional features. Some include a massage function, coloured LEDs or interchangeable fragrance capsules, for example. Or you could install a rain shower head and enjoy that exclusive hotel feeling every morning.

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