Sorting out before moving house


Prior to a move, you should take the opportunity to sort out your things and get rid of those which aren't needed any longer. This saves you time and money during the move.

My, but where to begin? It's important that you get an overview at an early stage of what has to be moved and which things are no longer operating properly or are not needed and therefore can be disposed of.

Types of disposal

For various types of waste there are correspondingly different ways to dispose of them. For instance, old newspapers, cardboard or even bulky items are picked up on certain days in each neighbourhood. For this, it's helpful to have the rubbish pickup calendar for the corresponding town or community.

For glass and tins, each community provides recycling stations. Old batteries can be returned at virtually any place you can buy them, and expired medications can be handed over at a pharmacy.

Electrical appliances such as, for instance, a TV, computer or kitchen appliance can be returned at any place you can buy them or handed over at a city-run disposal facility. Disposal facilities accept all types of waste at no charge and are present in every region.

Special waste

Information about special waste is likewise available in your community's rubbish pickup calendar, or you can place a telephone call to the town officials where you live.

Sorting out goes fastest if you order a dumpster from a disposal company and then have it picked up. This naturally entails some expense, but in some circumstances it can save considerable time.

Second-hand stores

Second-hand stores («Brockenhäuser») will generally take anything which can be reused. Get information, such as from the Internet, about which second-hand stores are in your neighbourhood along with what they offer and will buy.

Further information on the topic of «waste disposal»

Checklists for your move

Checklists for your move

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Moving help

Moving help

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My new home with children

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