Tips for planning your move

When moving house, good preparations are essential. Here you can find the most important tips and tricks for a trouble-free, stress-free move.

by Sandra Pahl

If a move to a new home is in your immediate future, there are many questions which must be answered. Should you move by yourself or hire a removal company? How many packing boxes do you need? What must you watch out for concerning damage during a move? Here you'll find answers to all these questions. You'll find additional tips in the moving checklists. Make sure you organise sufficient packing boxes and packing materials in plenty of time. There are special boxes, for example, to pack clothing, dishes and books. Bubble wrap or even newspaper is suitable as packing material. Also make sure to mark the packing boxes so each ends up in the proper location right away.

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On moving day

Carry documents such as passports, bank statements and insurance policies with you. When unpacking, take care that all furniture and packing boxes are brought to the rooms where they belong. This avoids unnecessary chaos. Keep in mind that your family and friends will want something to eat and drink during the move, so arrange to have snacks including sandwiches and drinks.

Damage during the move

Immediately document any damage which happens during transport, or report this at the latest within three days. Scratches are not automatically insured. If your furniture has scratches, have this confirmed by the removal company before the actual move. If you pack boxes yourself and then have them transported by the removal company, you're responsible for any damage.

Moving house with children

On moving day, it's best to have friends or a babysitter look after children up to six years old. Children older than that can help during the move and in this way they'll better handle the change to the new environment.

Feeling comfy in your new home

Keep in mind that lamps, the TV, etc. must be installed at your new location. For this, you might need an electrician, whom you should organise well in advance. Put your name on the doorbell and postbox; that also helps you feel at home more quickly in your new location.


Moving help

Enjoy a more relaxed relocation. Get a free moving and cleaning quote.

My new home with children

Turn your move into an experience to be shared. Create your own personal children’s book that kids can draw in and illustrate themselves.

A good moving checklist helps you keep track of everything. We are here to help you plan your move.