New home, new happiness


Have you just moved house or is a move in sight? We spoke with removal expert Rolf Stofer from Welti Furrer, who gave some tips and tricks which will help you feel comfortable in your new surroundings even on your first evening there.

by Gabi Hophan

Good preparations are the most important factor leading to a speedy move which involves the least amount of stress. They make certain that you quickly feel at home in your new location. If you plan to have brand new fitted carpeting in your new home, it is recommended to place the order such that it can be fitted the day before the move or early in the morning of moving day itself. At those times the apartment is still empty. Make sure that the new rooms can be measured in plenty of time. Before the move, accurately measure the windows in your new home. The dimensions of the windows (or the window frames) indicate whether you can have your curtains fitted or if you must purchase new ones. Also check whether the curtain rails and the hanging system are suited for your curtains.

If you can use your curtains in the new home, it is recommended that you wash them or have them dry cleaned before the move. Curtains bring a certain feeling of comfort. The smell of clean curtains is even more pleasant in the midst of all the initial chaos.

Remember the electrician

Don't forget that ceiling lamps, the TV, stereo system, PC, etc. must be installed in the new location. In some cases, you might need an electrician for this job (make arrangements in plenty of time). You can also assign these tasks to your removal company.

Name plates

Nothing feels better than when you find your own name listed immediately after the move. To make sure this happens, arrange in advance for the name plates for the letterbox and doorbell before you move in.

Happy in the new home